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Highest level of dentistry:

Dr Balaji has trained with some of the world’s leading dentists in USA, all round Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Hungary) and is qualified in some of the most advanced dental procedures. At The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre, we are committed to providing our patients with the best results by using highly advanced dental techniques.

Results which are kind to your teeth:

Successful dentistry is not just about making teeth look good. At The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre, the health of your teeth is an absolute priority. The condition of your teeth and gums are paramount and will not only change how your smile looks, but more importantly, will affect how it feels and how long it lasts.

Comprehensive introductory consultations:

The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre offers all new patients a full comprehensive consultation, during which x-rays may be taken to establish the health of your teeth. The dentist will spend time to get a full understanding of how you feel about your smile. The initial consultation will result in a treatment plan being drawn up and an action plan being agreed.

Comprehensive list of cosmetic procedures:

Our team have trained at some of the most renowned dental centres. This training has enabled us to offer patients a comprehensive list of cosmetic dental treatments, which include invisalign, implants, facial rejuvenation treatments and natural looking dentures.

Caring, friendly professional team:

Not many people look forward to visiting their dentist. We believe that it is the people who treat you who can make the difference between having a good experience and a bad experience. We have recruited a team of the highest calibre dental health professionals. Our practice manager, receptionist, nurses and hygienists are on hand to ensure all patients receive the very best in patient care.

Nervous patients:

We understand that some individuals feel anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist. We specialise in caring for people like you, by dealing with your fears and making your experience a good one. If you are a nervous patient, please do not feel embarrassed to mention this to our receptionist when telephoning the practice. During your first appointment, the dentists will talk to you about your concerns and your overall dental health. We will ensure that you are entirely at ease with our practice and trust us before any treatment is carried out.

IV sedation:

If you are anxious about visiting the dentist or have a dental phobia, intravenous sedation can help you feel deeply relaxed, helping you get the treatment you may have otherwise avoided.

This type of sedation, delivered intravenously, eliminates your fears but you still remain conscious and able to communicate with the dentist. You will also remember little about the experience following treatment.

Outstanding patient care:

We are committed to providing patients with the best possible patient care. Our dental team consists of a practice manager, receptionists, dental nurses and hygienists, who work to ensure the highest level of care.

Highest levels of care in a relaxed setting:

Balaji, a leading dental surgeon who has studied at universities in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London and has practiced in many parts of the UK, has developed The Gallery both as a dental surgery and an effective brand. His idea for a dental surgery with a difference began to take shape through his travels across the country and holidays abroad. Although he saw many spa and surgery concepts in town and city centre locations and recognised their potential, he also saw another strong combination where contemporary art was fused with modern day dentistry.

“I set out to create a practice where people feel at ease in attractive surroundings – almost a home but with a gallery feel. In some respects, modern day dentistry is a form of art, it can change the way people see themselves, alter their appearance, increase confidence and transform lives.”

Word of mouth recommendations:

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We guarantee all our dental work, but all guarantees are conditional on the patient attending the dentist and dental hygienist at the prescribed intervals. The guarantee does not apply where the damage to the restoration has been caused by trauma or accidental breakage.
Filling2 years
Free replacement
Bridges, Crown, Implant Crown5 years as per lab warranty
Implant10 years
Full Mouth Veneers5 years but mouth guard must be worn as advised
Denture2 years

Referral Centre:

Our dental services are available to all general dental practitioners who wish to refer patients for a specific treatment. The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre will provide the highest level of patient care and will work with the referring practitioners to create a shared treatment plan. We will always refer the patient back for ongoing care.

Why the Gallery Dental & Implant Centre ticks the boxes

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Welcome to The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre.
We provide high quality dental care to Buckingham, Bicester, Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.





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