Got an Emergency?

If you are in pain or have damaged your teeth, there are some things you can do to prevent more damage or discomfort. Please read through these tips, and contact The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre on 01280 822567 as soon as possible. For our existing patients, please telephone The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre for out-of-hours and same-day emergency dentistry.
Consult your dentist. They will be able to discuss the options open to you to replace your missing tooth.
Toothache can be due to several reasons. Most commonly it is due to caries (also known as tooth decay) involving the nerve tissue. Take pain killers and contact your dentist to prevent tooth loss.
There are temporary filling materials available from pharmacies, but contact your dentist to have the tooth treated as soon as possible.
You can apply temporary cement available from the pharmacy. Contact your dentist as soon as possible to treat the tooth.
Do not rinse or spit. Apply a clean flannel, or tight roll of tissue and apply pressure on the area. Contact your dentist or hospital.
Refit with toothpaste or temporary cement and contact your dentist. We endeavour to do most treatments in one visit, depending on how complex the treatment is. However, if the area is very infected or it is an emergency appointment, we will ensure immediate or urgent pain and infection control is taken care of. Everything can usually be completed at the next visit.
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